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The Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Program addresses Commonwealth oversight of off-site preparedness in relation to incidents at the five nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania. The REP staff within the Bureau of Plans is responsible:

  • For preparation, promulgation and distribution of Nuclear/Radiological Plan of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Emergency Operations Plan;
  • For ensuring appropriate state departments and agencies develop and maintain plans and procedures necessary to support responses to nuclear power plant incidents;
  • For reviewing and updating, in conjunction with the nuclear utility emergency planning/preparedness organizations, county, municipal and school district plans and procedures for incidents at nuclear power plants;
  • To ensure the Commonwealth is prepared to respond to nuclear power plant incidents and to assist state agencies, counties, municipalities and school districts, in conjunction with utility emergency planning/preparedness organizations, in such preparation through drills and exercises;
  • To assist in programmatic reviews of associated grants; and
  • For coordination of nuclear power incident response with federal, state, local and non-governmental agencies.

For more information contact:
Name: Henry Tamanini
Email: hetamanini@pa.gov
Voice: (717) 651-2723